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Top 10 Real Estates Agents in Calgary

If you’re looking for your new home in Calgary, in a nice environment, and in a place that fits the lifestyle you want, you need to hire real estate agents. Without them, no task can be accomplished perfectly.

Fortunately, Calgary has the most amazing real estate agents who can surely help you to find your new home. They’ll help you choose your next place with the most amazing facilities you can imagine.

The agents like Spencer Rivers, Jesse Davies, Devang Joshi, Catherine Von Heyking, and many more are packed with the in and out property knowledge of Calgary. Also, they’re super familiar with the local info, property market, neighborhood, and basic conveniences as well.

Overall, you can get your dream house with lots of apparatus, which sounds like the perfect deal.

Here we gathered the top 10 real estate agents in Calgary so check them out. These are the mediums that can really make a change in your moving process!

The Best Real Estate Agents in Calgary

Let’s find out about some of the top-tier realtors based in Calgary. We hope this will be super beneficial for your upcoming buying and selling property program.

Spencer Rivers Real Estate

Best for

Marketing Properties



Off-Market Properties, Luxury Homes, Cash Flow Analysis


280 23 Sunpark Drive SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2X 3V1

Contact Details


Operating Hours

By Taking Appointment 

If you’re aiming for something that’s on the top, Spencer Rivers Real Estate is the one. This realtor started his journey back in 2012 and gained a top-notch reputation for his utmost quality service.


  • 10 years of an experienced realtor
  • Works amazingly with sellers, buyers, and investors
  • Highly known for state-of-the-art market and global reach
  • Certified negotiation expert
  • Certified condominium specialist
  • Institute of Luxury Home Marketing Member
  • Cover all the Calgary, Canmore, and other areas
  • Residential builder

He has one of the widest networks with potential inventors, which will benefit you all the way. With the experience of the new building process along with the 1st time homebuyers, everything is in his right hand.

On top of that, if you’re willing to sell your home, Spencer Rivers Real Estate will provide amazing marketing strategies and a large-scale database of real buyers. It’ll benefit you to sell your house at a good price to some good individuals.

Spencer recommends 3D iGuide technology, pre-home inspections, cinematic video tours, and non-MLS platforms to maximize home exposure and life benefits for VIP clients.

Trust us; these things are necessary for you to watch before purchasing land and even selling it.

Plus, a ‘coming soon’ program and yard marketing program is also available in Spencer Rivers Real Estate.

Therefore, this realtor will take all the responsibility until you get the perfect home or till you sell it to your preferred buyer. He’s a professional, profound, experienced person who’ll make your home selling/buying worth everything.

This is the reason why Spencer Rivers Real Estate is one of the best priorities!

Customer Review

Betty: “Spencer is a professional realtor and helped me to sell my house with all his best efforts. He has an excellent team to support him on the fly. I entrusted him with this arduous task at a time when the seller’s market is getting dull in Calgary. He went over and beyond to identify the right buyer and negotiated a good deal within my time limits. Highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Lisa D:“Spencer Rivers Real Estate did a fantastic job listing and selling our home. He did everything they said they would, and with expertise in identifying the market; our place sold after listing in just over a week. We were out of town for the majority of this, and they were outstanding in handling all the details for us. Spencer is very processed-driven and it gets results. He develops a plan and sticks to it. A real pleasure to do business with.” 

Ben Sweet, Justin Becker, and Associates

Best for

Real Estate Services





Contact Details

Tel: 403-774-7447 Email:

Operating Hours

By Appointment

Have you ever heard of some realtors who have literally 80+ years of experience in this real estate field? Well, you might hear now because Ben Sweet, Justin Becker, and Associates are exactly like this.


  • Reasonable rates
  • Makes their own strategy
  • Punctual for their work
  • They have 80+ years of experience in the real estate field
  • Professionals with the utmost knowledge
  • Maintains amazing negotiation skill

With countless years of acquaintances, they managed to come to this path with their quality service. The team members are super skilled, professional, and most importantly, down to earth. These skills made them famous in Calgary and the people.

Justin Becker, Ben Sweet and other people of this association are knowledgeable enough to sell your home at the best market price. They’re amazing in negotiation which makes them cool in this arena as well.

We recommend you to this team if you really want to have one of the best experiences in real estate work. Their strategy, punctuality, work process and systemization will be amazing.

The shocking thing is that Ben Sweet has been on this team for like 20+ years now, so you can imagine how professional he can be. Likewise, Justin has been in this area since 2005 which pretty much makes him a pro too.

These realtors make educated and wise decisions that’ll benefit you in the long run for your selling and buying situation.

Customer Review

Collin M:“Ben Sweet, Justin Becker, and Associates are highly recommended by customers for Ben and Justin being great people to deal with, professional and honest, easy to talk to, and great at guiding others. Jack Asin: “Ben Sweet, Justin Becker, and Associates is an incredible influence. They are not only a very decorated Real Estate professional but also a fantastic role model. They demonstrate a positive attitude at all times and are always looking to make an already fantastic service even better. The team is top-notch.”

Susan Oakley: “My wife and I had the pleasure of having Ben and Justin as our realtors. From the first day, they were very professional and extremely easy to deal with. We were undecided and he showed us over 20 properties and never made it feel like a hassle. We found the perfect place and were so impressed with the experience they offered in making a smooth transaction. Also, they were downright fun as well, we had quite a few laughs. Do not hesitate to hire them as your realtor!”

Ripple Property Management

Best for

Real Estate Marketing



Real Estate Selling and Buying


909 17th Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta T2T 0A4

Contact Details

(403) 686-7902, Mail: 

Operating Hours

Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–5:00 pm

Next up, we have Ripple Property Management. We recommend this one specifically to people who love to have trust and transparency in their real estate program.


  • Electronically scheduled time and routine
  • Trial period of 30 days for the service
  • Inception for 90 days straight
  • Trust and transparency are their mottoes
  • Free Evaluation
  • Different publicity and marketing materials

These realtors are outstanding at always being on trend. They know what’s going on out there in the market, what people prefer right now, and what they expect. Without even telling them what you want exactly, they’ll catch your preference.

Ripple Property is energetic and can work for as many hours as you want. Once they take any work, they’ll complete it in and out and deliver it to you. With less commission, you’ll be getting an amazing house for your next setup.

Moreover, they know how to use technology in a great way. For example, with them, you’ll be able to see all the indoors and outdoors of your new place, which will be convenient for you.

Even if you want to sell your home, this technique will be super easy for the buyers to judge your place. Besides, the 3D tours, clear photos, and exceptional videos will be included for both sides.

A great thing about Ripple Property Management is that they set a good inception every 90days. This helps them to make sure your place is in fine condition. How thoughtful of them!

To sum up, Ripple Property Management is a wise theme with loads of innovation and knowledge, which will make you get an excellent place for you and your family!

Customer Review:

“We have been working with this property management for two years now, and they have been great! We have been primarily in touch with Alexes for any of our questions regarding our rental. He has been very accommodating, personable, and quick to respond to our emails.”—Jen Francis

“I have been very happy with how flexible and understanding Alexes has been. Always tries to help out no matter what the situation is, and finds the middle ground. Thank you for everything.”—Pantea Amin Javaheri

Jesse Davies Real Estate

Best for

Real Estate Services




#230, 30 Springborough BLVD SW Calgary, Alberta

Contact Details

Tel: +1 403-969-2363 Email:

Operating Hours

Always open

Jesse Davies is known as the dream Calgary realtor of recent times. With over 15 years of experience, they’re kind of ruling the industry with much professionalism. 


  • Certified Condo Specialist
  • Makes complimentary market analysis for the sellers
  • GURU of investment property
  • Available for 24/7
  • Works with professionalism, sincerity, and dedication

The expertise and mastery of this team are incredible with the marketing sources. They literally find out the in-depth details of any property and make sure the buyer likes it to the point that they can’t deny buying it.

Jesse Davies’s team is aware of the trend; they have the ins and outs of market knowledge and changes. Their dedication, professionalism, and sincerity are something that made them popular over the years.

On the other hand, the primary focus of this real estate agent is to set up your future by making the right choice. Your security, safety, and comfort are something they make sure of.

If you’re into a beautiful apartment, condo, or multi-million dollar home, they’re always standing by to help you. Not only the buying purpose but also the selling process with them is super smooth. With the best market price, you can sell your place. It’ll be worth it!

In addition, this realtor is available to help you 24/7. You just need to make an appointment and consult with them as you want. From negotiating to guiding you to the right path, Jesse Davies Real Estate will be there anytime.

Customer Review

Sam Ani: “Jesse is a professional realtor and helped me to sell my house with all his best efforts. He has an excellent team to support him on the fly. I entrusted him with this arduous task at a time when the seller’s market was getting dull in Calgary. He went over and beyond to identify the right buyer and negotiated a good deal within my time limits. I highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Gildardo Quintero: “Jesse and his team did a fantastic job listing and selling our home. They did everything they said they would, and with expertise in identifying the market; our place sold after listing in just over a week. We were out of town for the majority of this, and they were outstanding in handling all the details for us. Jesse is very processed-driven and it gets results. They develop a plan and stick to it. A real pleasure to do business with.”

Calgary Real Estate by The Howard Team

Best for

Real Estate Investment




4034 16 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 4H4, Canada

Contact Details

Tel: +1 403-589-0004 Email:

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00am-5:00pm

Howard team leader Byron is one of the most famous persons in the whole Calgary town for his dedication to buying and selling expertise. People know him for his quick and committed work life as well. It’s true that since 2006, the Howard team has been selling one house per week and that’s super impressive. 


  • Experience in real estate business since 2006
  • Your dream house finder
  • Free home evaluation
  • It Covers Calgary and surrounding areas
  • Good time management
  • Sells one house per week

Byron is a man of culture who has been studying the real estate business for a long time and since 2002 he has been helping people out in terms of their properties.

In this company, you’ll be able to get the most accurate and valuable advice ever.

The team will discover your personality, taste, and likes/dislikes, and then they’ll find you your new home. Or even they’ll find someone like you to take responsibility for your existing home.

On top of that, the team members are super punctual, scheduled, trained, and efficient. They’ll provide you with top-tier service in a very short period of time with loads of quality.

Clients do love Byron for his real estate and we can guarantee the enthusiasm behind the Calgary real estate by The Howard Team.

Customer Reviews

Ciara Hustleton: “Dedicated, professional, and patient. Shirley was excellent as we saw many properties over a few months. She helped my wife and me find the right place to call home. As we viewed properties she would provide collaborative observations to help match the house to our lifestyle. We would highly recommend Shirley to everyone. She is a relational realtor who will help you find more than a house, but a home.”

Tessa: “Bryon and Shirley provided amazing service in helping us sell our home in less than 24 hours, at a price we were VERY happy with. Their pre-sale and after-sale service as well as during the sales process were second to none and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent Realtor for the sales process!” 

Pete Chapman

Best for

Everything (known as one of the best realtors in Calgary)



Contact Details

403-831-1242 | (403) 247-8700

Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday: 8:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Well, now let’s move on to a real estate agent who won several awards for being an honest and committed realtor for over 13+ years. Yes, we know it’s a long time and that’s the beauty of this field. The more you have experience, the more you know how to deal with potential buyers/sellers.


  • Dual licensed agent
  • Mortgage associate
  • Skilled in the appropriate negotiation
  • Chapman is the 2016 President’s Award Winner
  • Pinnacle Award Recipient
  • Provide monthly market reports for free

You’ll be shocked to know that this realtor has a dual license for mortgage association and real estate agency; he’s a true professional who’ll surely understand the psychology of the buyers and the market system.

Pete Chapman and his team are also super trendy in this field. They know about the property market, the selling rate, the best price, and the way today’s people think. He’ll genuinely make the best outcome of your new home buying which will have one of the best neighborhoods, local stuff, and environment.

Being the home evaluator, too, Pete Chapman knows how to make your house your home. The market and sales data knowledge are huge in the team and they’ll make every bit of your decision worth it.

Therefore, the team is amazing in negotiation skills. Your house will get sold or you’ll get a proper house within some time at the exact market price that we can assure you. Try them!

Customer Reviews

Steven G: “He helped my parents buy a home after being out of the market for over a year. He recommended this fantastic team for me and my first home purchase. There was a lot I did not know coming into the home buying market and I couldn’t have asked for more. Always helpful, friendly and professional with tons of knowledge to share. I have and will continue to recommend them.”

Felicia: “I recently worked with Pete. It was a pleasure working with him. He quickly met me at a property I was interested in buying. While we did not decide on that listing, he showed me some others and we finally decided on one that would meet my needs. After completing a comparative market analysis, and considering COVID-19 and the real estate market, we made an offer that was accepted. It was not a new home and did have a few issues around the property inspection. We got a few further concessions, and I look forward to moving soon! All around, a great experience buying my first home!”

Mike Star Calgary Realtor

Best for

Residential Property



Real estate commission

Contact Details | (403) 397-8246

Operating Hours

Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

Have you ever heard about a real broker who can help you in any of your property situations? Yes, Mike Star is one of them. Not only is he associated with real estate programs, he also knows how to make the best result out of your property with the accurate price range.


  • Great representation of real estate transactions at every stage
  • Gives attention to detail
  • Never misses the deadline
  • Has more than a decade of experience
  • Provides all the necessary information related to the property
  • Prioritizes clients’ own choices, likes, and dislikes

For the last 18 years, Mike has been guiding people to make the right choice about selling or buying their house. He gives genuine advice to people that makes them totally interested in his opinion.

The dedication, wiseness, and routine are something he’s fond of which makes him one of the top realtors of Calgary so far.

He helps his clients as if they’re his own people with the utmost integrity and care. The estate transaction is super smooth with him so no worries about that section too.

Besides, he’s an uncomplicated person who needs no extra communion and is always there to give your efforts with the transaction.

No complications, delays, or failed negotiation will happen once you give up your responsibility to him. With the best 3d videography and exceptional photography, he’ll convince your buyers, and there’ll be no rejection (for sure).

Last but not least, he loves to give attention to his clients. He’ll listen to your preferences, note them, and will provide you with the exact thing you described. Cool, don’t you agree?

Customer Review

Brent: “Mike Star was AMAZING. He was professional, knowledgeable, and knew the marketplace well. What I loved most was that he was not pushy and truly had our best interests at heart. His knowledge of how houses are built and how you can reno an older place was also very helpful. I would recommend Mike to friends and family!

Mark Broeske: “From the get-go, Mike was there for me. I told him what I was looking for and the options he laid out for me were impressive. After looking at multiple places and narrowing our search down to what really mattered, we found the perfect home together, and it even had the mountain views I wanted. Mike was such an asset to my search and made the whole buying process really easy. I’ve actually already recommended Mike to my parents and he sold a couple of their rental properties for them with great success. I’d recommend Mike and his team to anyone.”

Catherine Von Heyking

Best for

Residential Property



Real estate brokerage

Contact Details

403-969-3399 |

Operating Hours

By appointment

We know most of you feel comfortable around women, especially telling them about your preference for your dream home. That’s why we brought up Catherine Von Heyking for all the ladies out there (gents too).


  • Popular for a big network of real estate trades, contacts, lawyers, and mortgage brokers
  • Awarded as a platinum club member at CIR Realty
  • Top producing agent at CIR Realty
  • Positive towards clients
  • Graduated honors from ‘Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Hears everything about a client rather than just business

She’s one of the most recognized female realtors in Calgary for her quality service in the real estate business. The amazing thing is she knows almost every ins and outs of the stock market, trendy designs, home tools, local stuff, and most importantly, the environmental situation.

You just have to tell her what you’re looking for, and voila! Within a few days after so much research, she’ll bring you what you need on the table.

The work process here is very serious and professional. She talks business and she accepts people to be direct with her. She and her team make sure you get your perfect home with the perfect future.

Catherine loves to hear your recommendations. She’s a good listener which is very necessary to be a realtor. Your goals, dreams, and needs are very important to her.

She’ll be with you in every step of selling or buying your new home. From listing your home to gathering potential buyers, she’ll handle it all. From showing them the best picture to taking all their criticism, you don’t have to lift a finger that we can assure you.

Catherine will prepare all your paperwork perfectly so you don’t have to calculate that as well. You can trust her and her work process to meet your dreams and it’ll be more than fruitful.

Customer Review

Mike: “I have had the opportunity to work with Catherine on numerous occasions and each time, she goes above and beyond! You never have to worry if she has your best interest at heart, and her attention to detail is impeccable. If you are looking to buy or sell real estate, I would highly suggest giving Catherine a call! Thanks for all that you do Catherine! It has truly been a pleasure.”

John Roberts:“My wife and I took a huge risk and lifted the sale condition on a house we really wanted (they got a better offer) when our house was not on the market yet. We asked Catherine if she was confident about selling our house and she said “don’t worry guys I got this”. After our first showing, we received a very good offer that we accepted that same day. So she basically sold our house in less than 24 hours. Catherine is legit, and she really connects with her clients. We felt like she was first a friend and a Realtor second. If you’re looking for a top-performing agent who is a pleasure to work with, call Catherine.”

Devang Joshi

Best for

Sell and Buy Calgary Homes




101, 110 Country Hills Landing NW Calgary, AB T3K 5P3

Contact Details

Mobile:(403) 401-9060 Email:

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday: 10:00am-8:00pm

It’s always nice to have a real estate agent who covers all the parts of your area. Devang Joshi is someone like that who is available on every corner of Calgary. From north to south, you’ll get every information from the company, which is like the ice breaker for any seller or buyer.


  • Complimentary house evaluation
  • Uncommon and unique marketing strategy
  • Residential and commercial advisor
  • Better Technologies
  • Best price for selling and buying

A professional, licensed, and an experienced realtor is something you need if you want to rely on him for your possessions. If you can trust him and share what you actually want, your 50% of worries will end.

Devang Joshi is always there to help you professionally as well as mentally. This person is also known as a commercial and residential advisor. He provides some real-life knowledge and advice to his clients, which makes him super worthy in the first place.

As Joshi has an MBA in the Marketing sector with 16years of amazing experience, he definitely knows the field very much. The market trend, exact pricing, local listing, and neighborhood- ask him anything, and he’ll give that to you at the table.

No matter what type of house or land you’re trying to buy/sell, he’ll bring you some real potential buyers. With the best kind of negotiation, you can sell your land with proper satisfaction.

Joshi will also guide you to accept all the criticism you might get from the buyers. No judgment will happen, and that’s when you’ll understand why he’s worth it.

This agent also provides the latest technologies for better understanding. 3D pictures, the latest videography, exclusive photos, and many more things can be done for you if you want!

Your profit is guaranteed here and that’s why we recommend you to try Devang Joshi.

Customer Review

Maria Hathe: “The one thing I’m please about is the constant communication about things that occurred. Devang updated me on numerous situations and how to look at the bigger picture. I had a good feeling that he was going to be the realtor to sell my place. He is in contact with people who he can attract to take interest in the property, give them their time and wait for the right opportunity to make buyers feel comfortable that this is the property for them.”

Solomon: “Devang is very concerned about getting value for the Home buyers he represents. Very thorough with informing as to the pluses and minuses of a particular home helping the customer to make an educated decision” 

Tost Realty Group

Best for

Buy and sell




6020 1A Street SW #10 Calgary, Alberta T2H 0G3

Contact Details

Tel: (403) 264-7653 Email:

Operating Hours


For the last pick, we have Tost Realty Group. The specialty of this agency is that they’re open to any type of people. First-time buyers, middle-class ones, and upper-class buyers can consult them, and they’re surely a great help.


  • Appropriate for Calgary house marketing
  • Guides like a guardian to the clients
  • Online home appraisal
  • Straightforward and quick
  • Uses the finest technology
  • Perfect for every people

Tost Realty is seriously committed to their field to help you buy your first home. They take the whole journey to the next level and make sure everything is perfect.

The best quality about this agent is that they’re straightforward about their business. They’ll hear out your preferences about the home, and will work on that professionally. The fee, timing, and paperwork, everything will be discussed at the beginning, which will give you a hint about their work process. Impressive, don’t you think?

Moreover, the team is trustworthy. If you want to sell your house in Calgary, you can give them all the personal statements, and they’ll make sure to use the best of them. With all the information, the group will find you some great buyers located in Calgary.

With the finest trend and technology, you’ll be able to find exactly the type of people to move into your existing home. Oh yes, this agent also hears about your likes and dislikes pretty seriously so that they can help you in all ways.

Not only this, but also Tost Realty Group has the perfect dedication and schedule a client would definitely love. Their sense of time is amazing which makes them a popular company in this area.

The working span is also fast with them so, within a few weeks, you’ll be able to move out to your new heaven.

Customer Review:

Margot B: “During June and July of this year, Tyler assisted us with the purchase of a condo for our daughter. He listened to our requirements and was extremely patient as he showed us several properties. When our requirements changed, due to unforeseen circumstances, he responded with understanding and arranged additional properties for us to view. He is very knowledgeable and was extremely flexible with his time to adjust to our schedules. His honest and open communication style is outstanding and I would not hesitate to recommend him.” 

J Donner: “I am by no means an easy client, and I’m rarely satisfied however, Crystal and the team exceeded my expectations. When purchasing, I found the perfect house and Crystal negotiated a better price than I had hoped for. Crystal did an amazing job marketing my old house, and despite the slow local market, sold it in just a couple of days for a very fair price.”

Contact Us

Why Real Estate Agents are Necessary: Things to Consider

Real Estate agents are necessary to make your shifting program smoother than ever. If you want to get a better home or land without hassles, here are the things you need to consider, 

Valuable Advice

An essential thing a real estate medium can offer you is valuable advice. They’ll tell you how you should sell your house in the most beneficial way. You’ll be able to invest in a perfect place with lots of facilities, that’s for sure.

They’ll also offer your negative thoughts about your chosen place. Hence you’ll get to make the right decision after judging either way.

Less Price

Now, if you want to sell your house to move into a new home, these agents can help you with that too. They’ll sell the home as soon as possible to make your task smoother at the best price.

The agents will make the correct market price which will eventually profit both you and them.

Note that, if they have no emotional attachment towards you, they can be really competitive as a seller, which will make proper sense to you if you compare it with the real estate market.

Great Selling Expertise

Only talking with a real estate agent can give you so much knowledge about the house, rents and surroundings. If you work with them for a long time, you’ll be able to learn all the ins and outs of the properties and how they work in a short amount of time.

However, no matter how much you know, as this area contains one of the huge financial transactions, it’s better for you to leave the professional part to them.

Multiple Listing

No matter how good you’re at this arena, you can’t really easily put up your house in a proper listing for potential buyers. An agent is needed exactly for this.

They can find the best ways to assign your house to as many eyes as possible. Your place will be accessible to more MLS to get up-to-date house listings; which means most buyers will find your place from the list effortlessly.

More Time

A good thing about real estate agents is they take as much time as they need. So you don’t have to worry about anything. As you already know, selling or getting a home needs loads of time, attention, and energy; agents are always up for that.

From the marketing part to listing your home, handling negotiations, and scheduling the show times, agents manage everything like a pro.

You just have to keep your place ready in case any buyer comes for the look. Plus, you can find a lot of time to prepare for your new home.

Provides Objective Support

Well, agents are there to give you emotional support, too (if you don’t know this). Let’s talk about it straight. We all know a house isn’t something just about a roof and four walls, isn’t it? It has lots of emotions that have been built over the years.

To be honest, buyers are not that cooperative when they’re trying to buy your place. They can give feedback. Remember, all the feedback won’t be easy to swallow for you.

In this situation, you need real estate agents so that they can swallow these tough pills and make you comfortable. The buyers can give all their negative thoughts about your backyard or living space, but that’ll only go through the agents’ ears. Isn’t it cool?

They’ll hear everything and still will be able to sell your home.

Handles Negotiation

Last but not least, the negotiation part is the trickiest one, we must admit. A good agent will fight for the best price for your house so that you don’t have to add any extra sales other than agent commissions.

As they deal with this every day, it’s a normal Tuesday for them to handle it. And we’re sure it’ll help you the most to connect with potential buyers.

FAQs about Real Estates Agents in Calgary

You can choose a good agent in Calgary by doing your own research. After the research, you can check the reviews on that website. Then again, you can ask your family and friends if they have any connections. The local experience will help too!

Realtors in Calgary mostly make $30.35 per hour or around $61,168.00 per year. They make so much money because this job takes an insane amount of energy, knowledge, work, and talent. They also have to split the commissions with the broker and have to pay for the dues and insurance.

With the educational requirement of 2 courses, it takes around 12 months (1 year) to complete the study. Overall, 2 courses with 2 exams will be needed along with the licensing education to become a real estate agent in Calgary. Plus, natural talent, confidence, will to study, punctuality and sincerity will add more advantages.

So, if you’re no longer interested in any real estate agent, you can always tell them no. the proper way is to call the realtor and explain things. Tell him what’s bothering you or your plans and we’re sure he’ll understand. If that broker is a real one, he’ll let you out of your contract and will end things perfectly.

No. You shouldn’t tell your agent your budget on the first go. You should show him your property, discuss it with him and let him decide the worth price. This way, they can’t disclose any info they don’t know already. The pricing will be authentic and you’ll get the exact cost. Therefore, the realtor will tell you the price considering the housing market, sellers’ motivation, and competition for your home..

Final Verdict

Okay, that’s all about our top 10 real estate agents in Calgary with the best information we found. Did you find one that you like? If you do, there’s an overview section in each agency where you’ll find their contact address.

For example, if you want a certified realtor with 10+ years of experience, you can choose Spencer Rivers Real Estate. They’re amazing with investors, buyers and sellers. Plus, their global reach is also top-tier.

Then again, all the other agencies are great in their own ways. You just have to select one, take their appointment, talk with them, learn about your property, and find the best home for your future. We’re vouching for you and hope you’ll reach your goal soon.

All the very best!